The heart of the Mission is part of the work on a new strategy

If you can’t do what you want, you can do what you can. So, a cancelled meeting place about the mission’s heart became a foundation in our work on a new operational strategy 2022-2026.

Foto: SMR. Andakt i kapellet på Sigtuna-stiftelsen under våra Medlemsdagar 2019.

In April, we at the SMC invited our member organizations to a day of talks on the theme “The Heart of the Mission”. We were hoping to meet for talks about their core issues and motivations. We hoped for a motley conversation about mission and our mission and how we describe our calling in different ways.

But that’s what happened. No physical encounters were allowed when Covid-19 began to spread around the world. And to have these important conversations over the link felt in the moment not possible.

Instead, we developed a discussion dossier with questions for our member organizations. These are issues that guide us in the planning and strategy work for the SMC’s next operational period 2022-2026.

The view of mission

The questions are about the view of mission, the experience of being organizations that speak both the language of theology and a rights-based language, but also about the Mission Council’s mission.

Quite a few organizations have responded. When I read the answers, I see that several organizations have spent a lot of time and seem to have had exciting and constructive conversations.

Theological language as a mother tongue

Everyone believes that a theological language is necessary in order to be able to talk about rights. The theological language is a “mother tongue” and an asset in cooperation with organisations in other countries.

The answers also contain many challenges for us at the SMC. How do we develop our own bilingualism between the language of human rights and theology? How do we preserve our heart as a meeting place for missionary organizations? How can we continue to be a meeting place for exchange of experience? How do we link these parts of the SMC’s holistic mission?

Not too late to respond

Many thanks to those of you who have taken the time to think, talk and respond. It’s also not too late to send me more answers. A short answer is also very valuable.


Photo: SMR. Devotional in the chapel at sigtuna foundation during our Member Days 2019.