Member days 2023

In our network, we want to work for a better world for future generations. But it is also about working together with children and young people already now. Therefore, children and young people are the focus of our member days 1-2 February 2023.

We look forward to sharing community and conversations about current issues with each other under the theme “Children and young people are the present”. See more about the program below.

We will learn and be inspired by how children and young people are involved and change, about how they are affected and influenced in the work for climate, environment and resilience and about how they commit to mission.

It will be an opportunity to share experiences from the network and listen to experts on children’s and young people’s rights – and to children’s and young people’s own voices.

We meet 1–2 February 2023 at the Såstaholm conference at Täby church village.

The member days are in Swedish. If you need translation into English, please let us know.


Internships with Engagement for Life

Trainees are important agents for increasing knowledge and commitment to international cooperation and  Agenda 2030. Several of our member organisations offer internships with one of their partners in countries such as Iraq, India and Ethiopia.

Read more about our work with the internship program

A Vibrant Network

Our network spans over 110 years, 50 countries and about 30 members in Sweden.