Fundamentalism and Shrinking Democratic Space in Latin America

START: 3/6 2021 14:00 CET SLUT: 3/6 2021 16:00 CET
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Gudstjänst i Costa Rica. Foto: Ewa Almqvist

The role of fundamentalism in a changing political landscape in Latin America

We know that evangelical or Pentecostal churches have gained an enormous influence in Latin America as well as other continents the last decades. We also know that these Christian movements often are accused for politicising the faith.  In this workshop we will discuss the connection between Fundamentalist-, Evangelical or Pentecostal churches in Latin America and the shrinking democratic space. We see a need for a deepened religious literacy concerning this topic.

We hope that our discussion will be more complex and more initiated and show greater religious literacy than the often simplified image from media.

Key note speakers

Magali  Do Nascimento Cunha is the author of the report: Fundamentalisms, the crisis of democracy and the threat to human rights in South America. The report is published by the South American ACT Ecumenical Forum (FESUR) and funded by ACT Church of Sweden and Christian Aid/UK.

Santiago Espitia Fajardo is a theologian, Pastor of Brethren in Christ Church of Colombia, Director of the Mennonite Biblical Seminary of Colombia, teacher at the Pontificial Javeriana University, PhD student at the Protestant Theological University (Groningen, Holland) and holds a Master in bioethics.

Moderator: Eva Ekelund, she is the Policy director at ACT Church of Sweden.

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14.00 Introduction and welcome SMC
14.10 Introduction by Act Church of Sweden
14.15 Fundamentalisms the crisis of democracy and the threat to human rights in South America Magali  Do Nascimento Cunha
14.35 An evangelical perspective. The role of evangelical churches in peacebuilding. Santiago Espitia Fajardo
14.50 Challenges and summary Eva Ekelund Act CoS
15.00 Breakout rooms Discussion SMC facilitates
15.25 Short break
15.30 One question per breakout groups to speakers. Moderated by Eva E.
15.57 Closing words SMC


The seminar is organised by Knowledge Centre for Religion and Development (Kunskapsforum för religion och utveckling.)

Act Church of Sweden, Diakonia, Islamic relief, Sweden, SMC and PMU are members of this network promoting a deeper understanding of the role of religion in development assistance.


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