SMC Online Leadership Series ”Leading organisational change”

START: 23/4 2021 09.00 SLUT: 23/4 2021 10:30
Digital platform Zoom
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This webinar is about sharing experiences on working with theory of change and change management in our organisations.

Rick James shares a ”Theory of Change” a case study he wrote last year – a global theory of change process that listened to 400,000 people worldwide in a deep and transformative way. It is a radical example of what management theorists today are calling ‘open strategy’. In the group discussions we will discuss what sticks from this example and what might be relevant to the SMC members.

Rick James from our network Space for Grace will lead the seminar.

This seminar is designed for you who are a leader in one of our member organisations.

Welcome to register no later than April 16 2021.

Find inspiration on leadership here

Prereading about Rick´s case study on successful ToC:


You can also take the opportunity to read Rick’s book Inspiring Change.

Or prepare yourself by looking at the presentation Leading Organisational Change.

More reading is available at our Learning Center under the section Organisational Development.

We also prepared a Fabo page for the Leadership series: https://fabo.org/smc/smcleadershipseries


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