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Fotograf: Holger.Ellgaard, Creative CommonFotograf: Holger.Ellgaard, Creative Common

Cuts to the info/com budget have major consequences

The government’s cuts to Sida’s info/com budget from 155 to 20 million have major consequences for communication on global issues. It was crushingly clear in a meeting that Sida invited to about the grant and in which SMC and representatives of member organisations participated.

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Kenya. Photo: SMC.

Children playing on green grass in KenyaChildren playing on green grass in Kenya
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Child participation is a win-win

– Child participation is a win-win because it leads to a more humane society, enhanced realisation of children’s rights, a stronger commitment to democracy and more compassion between people, says Gerison Lansdown ahead of the SMC Member Days 2023.

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Interfaith Statement at Stockholm +50

We commit ourselves to: Act and practice what we preach, and to become protectors of this earth, to strive to live in harmony and sustainability, through our daily actions, how we invest, how we manage assets, and how we engage within our faith communities.

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SMC decides on cuts in this year’s development grant

The SMC Board decided on May 30 on how the Swedish government’s reduction of this year’s budget for foreign development assistance will be handled in the network. The decision concerns SMC’s largest grant from Sida, which promotes long-term development efforts through civil society.

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