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Launch of Facilitators´ toolkit

Interactive exercises, stories and case studies. In April the Freedom of Religion or Belief facilitators’ toolkit was launched in a digital event with around 50 participants from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

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Kenya. Photo: SMC.

Children playing on green grass in KenyaChildren playing on green grass in Kenya

Youth in focus at member days  

The theme for SMC’s 2023 member days, attended by almost 100 participants from 29 member organisations was “Youth is the Present.” It was the first time after almost three years of digital meetings that the network could meet in real life, and spirits were high among the participants.

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SMC’s first framework-agreement approved

During 2023 SMC approved its first framework-agreement. The process, however, started already in 2021 with the recommendation in a report on how to best organise the SMC office to reach the goals set out in the strategic plan for 2022-2026.  

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LGBTQ+ learning priority

During the year, a key learning focus within the SMC network has been the relationship between freedom of religion and belief (FORB) and rights of sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.

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SMC Learning Network 2024

For many years SMC have had annual learning days in late November together with our Member Organizations, called the “Desk Officer Days”. These days have been an opportunity to dig deeper into different subjects, and to share and learn together. In recent years we have combined digital and in person meetings.

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