Strong Organisations Create Change

Togo. Photo: SMR

A group of people gathered under a big three in Togo.A group of people gathered under a big three in Togo.

There is a multitude of organisations in our network. The partnership between us is a condition for us to be able to contribute to a sustainable society.

Around the world, organisations need to fight to take place in society, because of what we call the shrinking democratic space. They need to be well equipped to be able to handle this, and work in an effective way.

We work in different ways to contribute to this:

  • Organisational assessments and from these plans for capacity development
  • System revisions
  • Organisational learning, management and evaluation
  • Increased availability through digitalisation, e.g. with the help of the digital platform Fabo
  • Work against corruption
  • Focus on internal government and control

Examples of tools that we use:

Några glada personer i gruppsamtal på konferns i Kenya.Några glada personer i gruppsamtal på konferns i Kenya.

Our network

A vibrant network with a long history

Our network began to grow at the Ecumenical Mission Conference in Edinburgh back in 1912. The world has changed since then but our focus on holistic mission gives us a platform to cooperate with a wide range of churches and organisations in our global civil society.

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Looking for Learning Resources?

Fabo is a digital learning site where we develop and share resources for more effective development cooperation. We also use it as a hub for many of our digital events.