Climate Hope for Future Generations

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A woman carrying her child on her back wanders through rainforestA woman carrying her child on her back wanders through rainforest

In our international work, we meet many of the people who are ultimately affected by climate change. We are inspired by their ideas and resilience.

We work to give them influence on decisions made about the climate at an international level. And we believe that religion can be a key that mobilizes and motivates more people to participate in the green transition.

As Christians, we see the green transition as part of our mission to care for God’s creation. Many religious traditions have a holistic view on humans and nature. Often they also have access to large networks of congregations and other social movements. Therefore, we urge religious leaders such as priests and imams to mobilize for the climate.

How our Network is Affected by Climate Change

Climate change is increasing, but still we humans continue to use natural resources in an unsustainable and unequal way. Many of the people we work with in other countries testify to how agriculture is failing and the supply of water is deteriorating. Many states have made global commitments on climate and biodiversity, but few have complied with their promises.

In our network, many people work innovatively with green transition and organize themselves to influence local laws and international agreements.

Within our distribution of funds for development cooperation, we each year dedicate a grant of five million SEK to promote our member organizations’ work with environment, climate and resilience.

We also cooperate with other actors in the Swedish and global civil society. We want decision-makers in the world to take greater responsibility for the climate by, for example, implementing the Sendai framework for disaster risk reduction and the Paris Agreement on climate adaptation and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Our Latest News and Analysis on Climate and Resilience

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The Bible inspired work for the climate

A book about the Bible and the climate revolutionized her way of thinking. Since then, Dr. Ruth Valerio has devoted her life to climate change. At our annual membership days in February, she is one of the keynote speakers.

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Interfaith Statement at Stockholm +50

We commit ourselves to: Act and practice what we preach, and to become protectors of this earth, to strive to live in harmony and sustainability, through our daily actions, how we invest, how we manage assets, and how we engage within our faith communities.

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A conversation between four people during a humanitarian workshop in KenyaA conversation between four people during a humanitarian workshop in Kenya

Humanitarian Interventions

Our Network Contributes to a Resilient Society

Local organisations in countries like Yemen, Syria and South Sudan know best how to save lives, reduce suffering and uphold human dignity in their context. Therefore, our humanitarian work is based on strengthening local actors in some of the world’s most difficult contexts.

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A woman in hijab and sun glasses with her arm around a nun in white doc.A woman in hijab and sun glasses with her arm around a nun in white doc.

Thematic Focus

Faith and Democracy Belong Together

Respect for human rights is a prerequisite for a democratic society. Based on our Christian values, we believe that every human being is created in the image of God and has inviolable and equal rights to live his or her life in freedom.

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