We have Faith in Development

We are a platform of churches and organisations who believe in human rights and work for dignity for all. Our network contributes to building peaceful, equal and sustainable societies.

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Fotograf: Holger.Ellgaard, Creative CommonFotograf: Holger.Ellgaard, Creative Common

Cuts to the info/com budget have major consequences

The government’s cuts to Sida’s info/com budget from 155 to 20 million have major consequences for communication on global issues. It was crushingly clear in a meeting that Sida invited to about the grant and in which SMC and representatives of member organisations participated.

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Kenya. Photo: SMC.

Children playing on green grass in KenyaChildren playing on green grass in Kenya
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Child participation is a win-win

– Child participation is a win-win because it leads to a more humane society, enhanced realisation of children’s rights, a stronger commitment to democracy and more compassion between people, says Gerison Lansdown ahead of the SMC Member Days 2023.

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Two women in Mali are processing the harvest.Two women in Mali are processing the harvest.

Our Work

We believe in Human Rights and Work for Dignity for all

With special knowledge of religious freedom and the role of religion in society, we arrange events and workshops to learn from each other’s differences and advocate for a better world. We also distribute funds from Sida to several of our member organisations’ development cooperation work with local partners in over 50 countries.

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Three persons happily talking during a group exercise in Kenya.Three persons happily talking during a group exercise in Kenya.

Our Network

A Vibrant Network with a long history

Our network began to grow at the Ecumenical Mission Conference in Edinburgh back in 1912. The world has changed since then but our focus on holistic mission gives us a platform to cooperate with a wide range of churches and organisations in our global civil society.

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Our member organisations and churches represent an ecumenical breadth of Christian traditions in Swedish civil society. Together we change the world.