To live holistically in the mission of God

For over 100 years, the SMC Faith in Development has operated based on a belief that we humans have a calling from God – to be God’s co-workers protecting the hurting creation, to make reconciliation possible and by spreading hope. 

We understand mission in a holistic way, but it can be expressed in three different ways, where the three expressions are completely integrated into each other. That is why we sometimes speak of holistic or integrated mission: 

Testimony – to bear witness to God’s love and share the Gospel, God’s good news. 

Service – to work in practical efforts for the restoration of all people and the whole of creation. 

Community – to work for reconciliation between people for reciprocity, togetherness and exchange. 

SMC – Faith in Development was formed in 1912 after the world mission conference in Edinburgh in 1910. Our calling was and is still to this day to bring together churches and mission organisations in Sweden. The intention is to develop, coordinate and reflect on mission, both theologically and practically. Society has changed but we are still an ecumenical meeting place for mission and international development cooperation. 

Today, we represent a wide range of Christian denominations, congregations, social actors and development organisations working together to realise God’s Mission: “…a message of joy to the poor… …liberation for the captives and sight for the blind, to give freedom to the oppressed …” Luke 4:18. This wide range illustrates our holistic mission theology. 

Två unga kvinnor från Filippinerna med högerhanden uppsträckt som i protest.Två unga kvinnor från Filippinerna med högerhanden uppsträckt som i protest.

Advocacy with Faith in Development

Advocacy is an important tool in creating change and helping decision-makers better understand the world. We are knowledge based, working with freedom of religion or belief, religious literacy and development policy.

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Our network spans over 110 years, 50 countries and about 30 members in Sweden.