SMC’s board represents our network

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View of Participants at the Annual Meeting 2022 when sitting down in a conference room.View of Participants at the Annual Meeting 2022 when sitting down in a conference room.

Members of the Board are elected at our Annual Meeting. Each member of the board comes from one of our member organisations but is elected as an individual.

We have a diverse range of member organisations. The organisations vary in size and have different traditions and types of work and projects. The board members have a broad range of experience and expertise. The Board is an example of ecumenical cooperation where, despite different expressions of faith, we work together for and believe in a better world.

At the Annual Meeting in May 2022 the following Board members were elected:

Stefan EmilssonEqumeniakyrkan, chairman of the Board

Full members from the left, first line: Anna-Maria Jonsson, EFK, Christer Åkesson, Läkarmissionen, Jenny Svanberg, Life & Peace Institute, Johan Hasselgren, Svenska kyrkan,

Second line: Lars-Åke Winberg, Erikshjälpen, Leif Newman, PMU, Lotta Sjöström Becker, Kristna Fredsrörelsen and Siri Bjerkan Karlsson, ADRA Sverige.


Deputy Board members are from the left: Anders Göranzon, Bibelsällskapet, Allan Ekstedt, Lepramissionen, and George Joseph, Caritas Sverige.

  George Joseph

29 Member Organisations

Our member organisations and churches represent an ecumenical breadth of Christian traditions in Swedish civil society. Together we change the world.