A vibrant network with a long history

Kenya. Photo: Job Mainye

Two happy people participating in a group conversation at a meeting in Kenya.Two happy people participating in a group conversation at a meeting in Kenya.

Our network has its origins in the Ecumenical Mission Conference in Edinburgh back in 1910. The world has changed since then but our focus on holistic mission gives us a platform to cooperate with a wide range of churches and organisations in global civil society.

Today we are a platform for about 30 member organisations representing different Christian traditions within Swedish civil society. Many have a long history of missionary work, while others put more emphasis on development cooperation.

Contacts with civil society in over 50 countries

In addition to our Swedish member organisations, our network includes hundreds of local partner organisations in over 50 countries. Through our member organisations, we currently have strong ties to civil society in countries such as Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia and Kenya. They take the form of, for example, long-term partnerships with congregations, human rights defenders, youth and climate organisations.

We do not always think alike, but we see our differences as a strength that challenges us to learn from each other to work together in God’s mission.

A holistic approach to mission

For us, mission means strengthening in word and deed the good forces of life and fighting injustice. You must start with something small to change and achieve something big!

In our network, we talk about mission from a holistic perspective, which includes both social work (diakonia), community (koinonia) and evangelism. We do not, however, distribute funds for evangelism. The different interpretations of mission within our network contribute to our common calling to serve people beyond ethnic, cultural and religious boundaries.

We believe that God has a good plan for our world and that we are connected with each other and our earth. This gives us hope that a better world is possible.


Every year we arrange different ways to meet each other to reflect on our work and learn from each other. Many of our seminars and workshops take place in Sweden and in Swedish but we also arrange international events around the world or online. Some are available for everyone, and others are exclusive to our network, usually at no or very low cost. You can find upcoming events in English in our calendar.


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A woman and a man braids baskets on the floorA woman and a man braids baskets on the floor

Longterm Development Cooperation

With Civil Society we create Sustainable Change

Our member organisations have long cooperated with churches and other organisations in civil society globally. Through the Swedish government’s development grants, our network can support people, organisations and churches to stand up for their rights and together build peaceful, equal and sustainable societies.


Read more about how we work with long term development cooperation

Photo: Job Mainye

Four persons in a group discussion within a humanitarian workshop in Kenya.Four persons in a group discussion within a humanitarian workshop in Kenya.

Humanitarian Interventions

Our Humanitarian work Contributes to a Resilient Society

Local organisations in countries like Yemen, Syria and South Sudan know best how to save lives, reduce suffering and uphold human dignity in their context. Therefore, our humanitarian work is based on strengthening local actors in some of the world’s most difficult contexts.

Read more about how we work with Humanitarian Interventions

Mechanism for Whistleblowing

Help us improve our work by letting us know if you suspect or discover that we are lacking in our responsibilities or commitments.