We Believe in Long-term Development Cooperation

Bangladesh. Photo: Izla Bethdavid Boltena

A woman and a man sits on the ground to braid baskets.A woman and a man sits on the ground to braid baskets.

Our member organisations have long worked together with churches and other organisations in global civil society. Through long-term development cooperation we can strenghten their ability to stand up for human rights and together build peaceful, equal and sustainable societies.

Our member organisations and their partners work in different ways. Some programs and projects  focus on education for children with special needs, others promote legislation against discrimination and some are finding ways to adapt to more climate-smart agriculture.

Strengthening Civil Society

One of our goals is that human rights are respected, protected and fulfilled. But we also want our work to contribute to more democratic and sustainable societies. This happens when people come together to cooperate in civil society to create solutions and raise demands on duty bearers such as politicians, government representatives and religious leaders.

Member Organisations Can Apply for Funds

We can only distribute funds for long-term development cooperation through our member organsiations. Do you work at one of our member organisations and want to apply? Please get in touch with us before you submit an application. We want to start a dialogue about your ideas and possibilities first.

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Interfaith Statement at Stockholm +50

We commit ourselves to: Act and practice what we preach, and to become protectors of this earth, to strive to live in harmony and sustainability, through our daily actions, how we invest, how we manage assets, and how we engage within our faith communities.

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Illustration: Jenny Wallmark

Our Work

Distributing Funds for Development Cooperation

Through our network, we distribute funds for development cooperation all over the world. We have a strategic partnership with Sida whereby our member organisations and their local partners can apply for funding from the Swedish government’s budget for international development cooperation.

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Thematic Focus

Faith and Democracy Belong Together

Respect for human rights is a prerequisite for a democratic society. Based on our Christian values, we believe that every human being is created in the image of God and has inviolable and equal rights to live his or her life in freedom.

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Advocacy with Faith in Development

We are knowledge based, working with freedom of religion or belief, religious literacy and development policy.