SMC’s first framework-agreement approved

During 2023 SMC approved its first framework agreement. The process, however, started already in 2021 with the recommendation in a report on how to best organise the SMC office to reach the goals set out in the strategic plan for 2022-2026.  

– We are happy that we, during 2023, have had the chance to launch a system of framework agreements and that PMU was willing to be part of working out new guidelines and, partly, a new way of applying and assessing an application, says Anna-Lena Hansson, advisor at SMC and part of the team developing the new routines.

“SMC and member organisations wish to adapt quality assurance as much as possible to the strengths and weaknesses of each member organisation… but SMC cannot have as many systems as member organisations. There must be funding modalities that can be operationalised in routines and checklists.”

The SMC board assigned the office the task of developing funding modalities starting with, what has been known as framework partners.

The idea with the framework agreement is that member organisations that want to, and that have been assessed to have very high quality when it comes to financial management and administration as well as aid effectiveness, will have more freedom within the agreement with SMC.

From 2024 it is open for all member organisations to apply for a framework agreement. Whether or not a member organisation can have a framework agreement is dependent on the organisational assessment made by SMC.

– We look forward to developing the routines and the system for framework organisations and framework agreements together with our member organisations, says Anna-Lena.