How we cooperate within the Lime Portal

Bangladesh. Photo: Izla Bethdavid Boltena

A person from Bangladesh holds two bricks in his hands depicting two of the global goals.A person from Bangladesh holds two bricks in his hands depicting two of the global goals.

To facilitate cooperation between SMC – Faith in Development’s office and the member organisations, a digital system called Lime Portal is used.

Here, processing and communication are handled, primarily in the International Development Cooperation when funds are provided.

Member organisations that take part of the funding can log in to Lime Portal, which is part of the SMC’s CRM system. The Portal is built to help us all lift our focus from individual interventions to the organisational level among others through:

  • Access to the Portal is handled by each organisation for their co-workers.
  • Detailed information about interventions is entered by the member organisation (expected results and progress towards them; connections between expected results and SMC’s goals and/or the Sustainable Development Goals; cooperating partners; countries etc).
  • Payment plans, requests for funding and reporting on funds spent is all handled through the Portal.
  • The SMC member organisation assessment system is integrated into the Portal, giving us a shared picture of the organisation’s strengths and challenges and the agreed plan for capacity development.

Manage Programmes and Projects in Lime Portal

Do you work for an organisation that receives funding from SMC? Log in to find templates and more information about your organisation’s programmes and projects.

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