SMC Learning Network 2024

For many years SMC have had annual learning days in late November together with our Member Organizations, called the “Desk Officer Days”. These days have been an opportunity to dig deeper into different subjects, and to share and learn together. In recent years we have combined digital and in person meetings.

Much has changed considering the digital transition in recent years and we now see a need to update the format. Our SMC Member Organizations have answered a survey about the “Desk Officer Days” and based on those answers we have decided to make some changes. The annual “Desk Officer Days” will transform into a network with several meetings over the year, both digital and in person. Instead of just being a meeting for Member Organizations, our Cooperating Partners from around the world will also be invited. We call this new network the SMC Learning Network (SLN).

Content and target group

The SLN will cover thematic issues, programme design and methods, but will also inform and discuss new requirements from SMC/Sida, etc. The target group is desk officers, program managers, field staff, thematic advisors, etc. The already existing Controller Network will continue to meet as before and cover financial issues, agreements, and similar. So from now on there will be two networks. 


During the coming year the SLN will have a thematic focus on sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), but each meeting will also include other relevant topics.

 At our first meeting February 13 there will be a focus on:

  • SMC’s minimum requirements regarding – Freedom of Religion or Belief, Religious Literacy, and Environment, Climate and Resilience.
  • Transition to Program support and Framework agreements for Member Organizations
  • Thematic in-depth session: SRHR

Scheduled meetings during 2024

  • February 13 – In person meeting for Member Organizations in Alvik, Stockholm

  • April 23 – Digital meeting for Member Organizations and Cooperating Partners

  • September 24 – In person meeting for member organizations in Alvik, Stockholm

  • November 19 – Digital meeting for Member Organizations and Cooperating Partners

SMC Learning Network

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