Becoming a member may take a while, but it’s important

But we believe that, before you apply for membership, it’s important for your organisation and ours to find a common platform through dialogue. The process of becoming a member may therefore take a while. Once we have received your application our Board will review it and the final decision will be made at SMC’s Annual Meeting.

Charlotta Norrby, generalsekreterare (Foto: Melker Dahlstrand)

If your organisation is interested in becoming a member of SMC, please contact our Secretary General Charlotta Norrby.

Only Swedish organisations are entitled to be members of SMC and the following criteria must be met:

  • You must embrace SMC’s core values and support our mission.
  • Your organisation must have a democratic approach, popular support and documented international cooperation from at least five years of development work.
  • You should be actively involved in SMC’s activities, which means participating in meetings and being part of networks, committees and the Board.
  • All members must comply with the special requirements with respect to funds distribution where applicable.
  • You must pay a membership fee.